I hate this part, I never know what to say about myself. I take pictures and… 

Currently, I am the Assistant Superintendent, Technology with an amazing school division in Manitoba Canada; Frontier School Division. I have the privilege to lead an extremely talented and good spirited crew. Our territory covers the majority of the province so I get to travel to some of the most remote and beautiful regions in Manitoba. 

In another life, I studied photography, worked for a short time as a freelance photojournalist, and was CPC accredited. I don’t miss chasing ambulances and recording ‘Grip & Grins’, but I still have a desire to tell stories with photos. My favourite mentor was Ted Grant whose lasting lesson was that of light, or rather its absence. So, in some small way, this site bears the name of his instruction & inspiration: Light may illuminate, but shadows define.

“The best images, those with depth and definition, are usually found on the shadow side of the scene.”   T. Grant @ October 1987

I hope you enjoy some of these images and your visit to my site. thanks for stopping by 🙂